"My back was hurting, especially my shoulders and neck. I was going to an osteopath but it was costing quite a bit of money so I thought I'd try something else. A massage from Dev Desai at bodyenrich.com has worked out perfectly for me. It gets rid of all the knots and tension. Dev is excellent at his work and I have recommended him to other people who have also found his treatments beneficial."

Rita Shah

"My body has changed since I had my son 6 years ago, and my general feeling of wellbeing was below par. As a mum you are juggling all the plates in the air with no time for yourself. With the stress and strain of bringing up a young child, I was finding it hard to relax. My friend recommended Dev Desai of bodyenrich.com . A massage from Dev calms me down physically and mentally. It has kick-started me to take more care of myself and stimulated me to start exercising at the gym so my body image is improving. Dev is a personable chap with a sports massage background so he knows what he's doing. I feel safe with him and look forward to all the sessions I have booked in advance. By the end of each treatment I feel fantastic - like I used to feel."

Jo Bodley

"I do a lot of heavy lifting in my job. I had terrible pain in my shoulder, back, neck and knees. I've never been for a massage before but Dev Desai of bodyenrich.com was recommended by my personal trainer at the gym. It's worked so far. I still get a bit of pain in my shoulder but it's a lot better than it has been. It's quite surprising! Dev is very professional and knows what he's doing."

Chris Carter

"I was suffering lower back pain for two years after a fall in the garden. I had several treatments, including physiotherapy through the doctor, but it made no difference at all. After just one deep tissue massage from Dev Desai at bodyenrich.com , it had cleared up - it was miraculous! Now he works to improve the mobility in my frozen shoulder (for which there is no medical treatment) which is very effective. I had an operation last year so Dev has introduced aromatherapy massage into my treatments - the massage and oils help loosen the tissue and fade the scar. Even if I didn't physically need the massage I would still go, as a session with Dev is so calming and relaxing!"

Anita Heavens

"I work in a very stressful job and was experiencing a loss of sleep, a lot of headaches, and tension in my right hand side so I couldn't lift my hand. A friend recommended Dev Desai of bodyenrich.com . I wouldn't usually go to a massage therapist , especially a man, but Dev put my mind at ease. I feel quite safe, secure and confident with him. He's been brilliant! My headaches have now gone, I feel more relaxed and I am sleeping well."


"I was in pain from a frozen shoulder and have been going to bodyenrich.com for 4 weeks. After aromatherapy massage and deep muscle manipulation from Dev Desai , the residue of pain has definitely gone. My arm is still stiff so I am continuing with the treatments. Dev is ever so pleasant, and puts you at ease straight away. His treatment room is not intimidating at all - it's clean, tidy and relaxing."

Lynn Killick

"I've had back trouble for four years, with bad disks and knotted muscles. I saw an osteopath that cost £60 for one hour, but the next day it was back to square one. Dev Desai of bodyenrich.com was recommended to me about four months ago and I've had six or seven sessions since then. The price was very reasonable. I'd never had a massage before but now I'm the most pain-free I've been in years. I'd recommend Dev to anybody."

Jamie Killick

"Dev Desai of bodyenrich.com helps me a lot with all my aches and pains, neck problems and headaches. He's very kind and friendly and seems to know what he's talking about. He's the best massage person I've ever been to. He takes his time, and makes you feel comfortable. You certainly get your money's worth! The massage hurts, but it's a nice hurt! I'm always calm and relaxed when I come out, and already looking forward to the next massage!"

Lesley Smithers

"I needed relaxation because I have a hyperactive thyroid and was going through a lot of change. I wanted to achieve a good balance of mental, emotional and physical state. I've been seeing a counsellor for the cognitive side, while doing spinning, yoga and eating well for the physical side. But Dev Desai of bodyenrich.com is really helping me clear the emotional stuff out of my body. His aura and personalilty drew me to him, and my body is responding fantastically well. When I first started going in May 2006, I was experiencing a lot of pain. Now I am experiencing a lot of joy!"

Pollina Norville

"I am a nutrition adviser. I do a lot of travelling, especially by air, and I have many deadlines to meet. I lead a rather hectic lifestyle and I enjoy having time to myself, to benefit from the calming effects of massage and aromatherapy. I met Dev Desai of bodyenrich.com when he was the Sports Masseur at the local secondary school. As a qualified therapist he has helped me to sort out my muscular aches and pains in the back, shoulders and neck. The techniques Dev uses certainly help me to relax and re-energise and I have no hesitation in recommending his services."

David Richardson

"As a teenager, I was hit on my forehead when I was playing hockey. For three months I had balancing problems, couldn't walk properly or look someone in the eye. I suffered migraines and had to move my eyes and body really slowly. The doctor diagnosed vertigo and gave me sea-sickness tablets but I had to stop taking them after a few years because of the side effects. I have been going to Dev Desai at Bodyenrich for a couple of years and can now cope much better with the balance problems. He massages my temples, forehead and head which helps with the migraines. He massages my shoulders, back and neck which undoes the knots in my muscles. I never thought massage was that important but I feel fantastic when I go to see him. You don't have to go because of pain, you can go just for pleasure. I would recommend massage to anyone."

Sandi Gonsalves


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